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HD Video Floor

HD Video Floor is a product used on the ground display.  It is a very personalized HD Video Floor specially designed for the ground.  It has good load-bearing and shock-proof functions.  The special design has been made in terms of performance so that it can adapt to high-intensity pedaling and run normally for a long time, and it can allow the audience participates in it, and the display surface can make corresponding changes with the actions of the audience.HD Video Floor can not only attract foot traffic, but HD Video Floor can also bring customers a new and magical entertainment experience that can attract customers to your event venue.  HD Video Floor can also increase the profit of the surrounding stores, HD Video Floor can indirectly increase the purchases of the store, increase the commercial value of the place, and attract more brands to stay.  HD Video Floor inspires the audience and enhances the viewing experience.  When your competitors are still using traditional LED screens or posters to attract customers, you've put the entire stage show in their body and blood, making it easier for customers to be refreshed Customers remember you.

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