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What are the principles of HD Video Floor?

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HD Video Floor is a product used on the ground display. It is a very personalized HD Video Floor specially designed for the ground. It has good load-bearing and shock-proof functions. The special design has been made in terms of performance so that it can adapt to high-intensity pedaling and run normally for a long time, and it can allow the audience participates in it, and the display surface can make corresponding changes with the actions of the audience.

Here is the content list:

  • How HD Video Floor works.

  • The interaction principle of HD Video Floor.

How HD Video Floor works.

The HD Video Floor is loaded with devices such as pressure sensors, capacitive sensors, or infrared sensors. When people move on the LED Dance Floor, the sensors can sense the person's position and feedback the trigger information to the main controller, and then the main controller logic After judgment outputs the corresponding display effect. Tracking the movement of people can follow the movement of the human body to present real-time picture effects, to achieve effects such as actors and audience walking, water ripples appearing under the feet, flowers blooming, etc. The screen of HD Video Floor is a new type of digital display device specially designed for the use environment of indoor exhibition stage parties. Flexible modular design. Currently, HD Video Floor for the home can achieve a similar effect to pre-engineered video.

The interaction principle of HD Video Floor.

HD Video Floor plays the video source through special processing, firstly controls the special playback software in the computer through the LED display, DVI/HDMI, waits for the signal output, reaches the video signal processing main controller through the signal line, and then connects to the main controller through optical fiber or network cable Signal splitter to assign and display full screen. When the LED floor screen interacts with the audience, the position sensor on the display sensor detects the interaction point of the interactive viewer, and the position controller of the floor tile screen sends the position coordinate information of the interaction point to the LED display control computer. After the computer receives the position coordinate information, the control software can send it back to the LED display screen to control the computer according to the received coordinate information. After the control computer receives the position coordinate information, the control software can call the coordinate information according to the received information. When playing different program files and video files, the screen displayed by HD Video Floor has corresponding real-time changes to achieve the effect of real-time interaction.

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