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02 - 23
[Product News] Maintenance of LED Dance Floor
As a hot home decoration material, LED Dance Floor is widely used in events, weddings, exhibitions, fashion shows, and car shows, it is favored by more and more people for its good quality and excellent decorative effect, but how can it be better? Taking care of it is a hassle.Here is the content li
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02 - 21
[Product News] Why So Many People Choose LED Dance Floor
LED Dance Floor is a novel digital display device, because of its flexible modular design, it can realize various applications such as the floor, stage, and T stage. In recent years, LED Dance Floor has been loved by a large number of consumers due to its excellent display effect and excellent inter
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02 - 22
[Product News] Installation of HD VIDEO FLOOR
The installation characteristics of HD VIDEO FLOOR are different from LED lights such as LED wall washer, LED projection light, LED point light source, etc., which requires more attention to the preparation work when installing HD VIDEO FLOOR. The lamp body of HD VIDEO FLOOR is made of high-purity a
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03 - 30
[Product News] Wired Dance Floor Cleaning Method
Wired Dance Floor Cleaning MethodLED Dance Floor will accumulate some dust and debris after the long-term operation, so how do we clean the Wired Dance Floor? Let's go and find the cleaning method and cleaning precautions.
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