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Features and Benefits of HD Video Floor

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HD VIDEO FLOOR is a product used on the ground display. It is a very personalized LED display specially designed for the ground. It has good load-bearing and shock-proof functions. The performance and other aspects have been specially designed so that it can adapt to high-intensity pedaling and run normally for a long time, and it can allow the audience to participate in it, and the display surface can make corresponding changes with the audience's actions.

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  • Features of HD VIDEO FLOOR.

  • Benefits of HD Video Floor.

Features of HD VIDEO FLOOR.

First of all, HD Video Floor has the characteristics of flexible installation and convenient maintenance, optional support, bracket, track installation, custom-adjustable floor support, adjustable height, suitable for various complex grounds; the module adopts the magnetic suction design for front maintenance, and the installation the disassembly is quick and convenient, which significantly improves the maintenance efficiency. The second is the characteristics of impact resistance and high load-bearing. The high load-bearing capacity can reach 2T/㎡ load-bearing per square meter. The impact resistance is high, and it can be directly stepped on without being damaged. Next is the ultra-high protection of HD Video Floor, the characteristics of waterproof and moisture-proof, outdoor standard protection, sealing and gluing, adding a water-conducting layer, waterproof and moisture-proof, protection grade IP65, ultra-high protection, to ensure stable display. Then the high-contrast design technology designs the characteristics of mask and low-brightness and high-gray effect, clear playback effect, uniform gray display, and good consistency so that users can see our picture more clearly. Finally, the interactive effect of HD Video Floor features a multi-touch function, no need for external interactive devices, to realize human-computer interaction and make the display screen more vitality and vitality.

Benefits of HD Video Floor.

HD Video Floor can not only attract foot traffic, but HD Video Floor can also bring customers a new and magical entertainment experience that can attract customers to your event venue. HD Video Floor can also increase the profit of the surrounding stores, HD Video Floor can indirectly increase the purchases of the store, increase the commercial value of the place, and attract more brands to stay. HD Video Floor inspires the audience and enhances the viewing experience. When your competitors are still using traditional LED screens or posters to attract customers, you've put the entire stage show in their body and blood, making it easier for customers to be refreshed Customers remember you. HD Video Floor can increase the fun of entertainment. The LED Dance Floor display screen equipped with sensor devices can track the trajectory of people's movements with the help of infrared sensors and can follow the activities of the human body to present real-time picture effects, to achieve such things as actors walking with the audience. However, water ripples and blooming flowers appear under the feet.

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