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Advantages of HD VIDEO FLOOR

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Through continuous technological innovation and breakthroughs, LED Dance Floor not only ensures that the product is easy to operate and has no difficulty but also has good heat dissipation and anti-aging functions. The installation and maintenance of the product are extremely convenient, completely breaking the traditional LED display in many places limitations of the application. The HD Video Floor effect is also clearer, the color is more brilliant, and it has repeatedly created a spatial effect on the stage that is integrated with the performance. HD VIDEO FLOOR mainly has the following advantages.

Here is the content list:

  • Simple structure and lightweight.

  • Quick installation and easy maintenance.

  • Environmental protection, energy saving, and good heat dissipation performance.

Simple structure and lightweight.

The transparency of the HD Video Floor display can reach 65%~90%, and the thickness of each LED strip is only 2mm, and there are gaps between the strips to form a transparent effect. HD Video Floor is widely used in clubs and other stage installations, and indoor installations for outdoor displays, completely breaking the limitations of traditional LED display applications on glass. The glass curtain wall LED display adopts a hollow bar design. Compared with the traditional LED display box, it has a more flexible structure. The size of the box can be customized according to the specific size of the floor to better fit the floor surface and reduce the load pressure.

Quick installation and easy maintenance.

The HD Video Floor display has a flexible structure, is lightweight, and has quick installation. When a certain LED light bar is damaged, only the single light bar needs to be replaced, and there is no need to replace the entire module. Maintenance is performed indoors, with high efficiency and low costs. Simple operation and strong controllability: HD Video Floor can be connected to a computer, graphics card, and remote transceiver through a network cable, or can be controlled wirelessly through remote cluster changes to display content at any time.

Environmental protection, energy saving, and good heat dissipation performance.

Because of its high transparency, no noise, and low power consumption, the HD Video Floor display does not require any auxiliary cooling equipment and allows wind to dissipate heat naturally. When playing a video ad, part of the playback content glows and the rest doesn't. It saves more than 30% more energy than conventional LED displays. This playback method can also reduce energy consumption and light pollution, which response to the national energy conservation and emission reduction call. And HD VIDEO FLOOR maintenance is convenient and fast, indoor maintenance is convenient and safe, saving manpower and material resources.

For more questions about the HD VIDEO FLOOR, please contact us. Years of accumulated R&D and production experience, to provide you with more product services and technical support! Our official website is https://www.sunfromlight.com/. Our mission is to provide the best service to our customers and focus on building long-term partnerships that we believe will lead us to a win-win situation. We are committed to putting customers first, and we will be loyal, sincere, and responsible when we step into the global door and window business.

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