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Why is Wired Dance Floor so popular?

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What is a Wired Dance Floor? WIRED DANCE FLOOR is a LED display specially designed for ground display. It has been specially designed in terms of load-bearing, protection performance, and heat dissipation performance, so that it can adapt to high-intensity stepping and operate normally for a long time. Wired Dance Floor is a new type of floor between ordinary floors and laminate floors, and it is a new trend in floor purchase. Wired Dance Floor retains all the advantages of the floor, not only the firmness of the ordinary floor, but also saves a lot of time and labor for the rental business, and can use the most advanced Ipad control, SD control and PC control are optional, with Laminate floors are resistant to deformation, corrosion and easy to clean.

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Here is the content list:

l Wired Dance Floor's hot spot is a megatrend

l Inductive interaction

Wired Dance Floor's hot spot is a megatrend

With the development of the times, people's pursuit of life has also increased, which means that the era of the WIRED DANCE FLOOR has come. The WIRED DANCE FLOOR curtain can design the video content in advance, and then achieve the asynchronous playback effect according to the needs of the stage. The performance effect presented is also clear and colorful, giving people a three-dimensional sense of space. Wired Dance Floor has unveiled a new course of digital dance beauty, which is a gluttonous feast.

Inductive interaction

The interactive floor tile screen is based on the WIRED DANCE FLOOR and adds the function of induction interaction. The LED Dance Floor tile display is loaded with devices such as pressure sensors, capacitive sensors, or infrared sensors. When a person moves on the floor tile screen, the sensor can sense the position of the person and feedback the trigger information to the main controller, and then the main controller logic after judgment, output the corresponding display effect. For example, with the help of infrared sensors, it is possible to track the trajectory of people's movements and follow the movements of the human body to present real-time picture effects, to achieve effects such as actors and audience walking, water ripples underfoot, and flowers blooming. The effect this equipment will bring to the stage is self-evident. From the display cabinet effect of the existing floor tile screen, it can be seen that the interaction between the WIRED DANCE FLOOR and people can be well displayed in the designated scene, making people feel as if they are in that scene.

If you are interested in our WIRED DANCE FLOOR products or have other needs, please feel free to contact us. Our official website is https://www.sunfromlight.com/. Our cost-effective products will bring you a better experience. Our mission is to provide the best service to our customers and focus on building long-term partnerships that we believe will lead us to a win-win situation. We are committed to putting customers first, and we will be loyal, sincere, and responsible when we step into the global door and window business.

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