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The difference between LED Dance Floor and traditional LED display

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What is the difference between LED Dance Floor and a traditional LED display? With this question, let's take a look. LED Dance Floor is a novel digital display device specially designed for use in indoor exhibition halls, stage parties, and other environments. Flexible modular design for various applications such as floor, ceiling, runway, etc. At present, although the domestic LED floor tile screen can achieve similar effects by pre-designing videos, the performance site is often full of uncertainty, and special staff is required to be responsible for the playback and adjustment of the video, which not only requires a lot of resources, but also Time and accuracy cannot be achieved, but LED Dance Floor can solve this problem in a targeted manner.

Here is the content list:

  • Differences in control software

  • Display side difference

Differences in control software

The first is the difference between the control software. The traditional LED display only needs to use ordinary playback software on the playback side to play the video source without receiving other signals LED Dance Floor is different. Not only does he need to play the game, but he can also receive coordinated information about the position of the interaction point returned from the display terminal. After receiving the location coordinate information, the control software can make a call based on the received coordinate information. Play different display files and video files. This is the same situation when we play games on our computers. LED displays are like computer monitors. The audience of LED Dance Floor is like a mouse. Interaction points are like mouse positions. When you click the mouse at different locations, different programs are called. The second is the different directions of data transfer. The data of the traditional LED display is mainly transmitted from the control end to the display end, which is one-way. The LED Dance Floor display increases data backhaul, which is a two-way transmission.

Display side difference

It is the difference between the display ends of the LED screen. The traditional LED display only plays a display role and can only be transmitted to the audience from one end of the screen, and the audience cannot give timely feedback to the user on the other end of the screen. And the LED Dance Floor screen needs to sense, collect and transmit the coordinated information of the interactive point of the interactive viewer, and locate the interactive point. This is the most important part of the LED Dance Floor display.

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