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The development history of Wired Dance Floor

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For more than three decades, LEDs have been used in a wide variety of applications such as industrial systems, audio equipment, automotive lighting, and the advertising industry LED technology is still moving forward. In recent years, the luminous efficiency of LED Dance Floor has grown amazingly, reaching 130 lumens per watt or even higher, and the future of Wired Dance Floor will continue to grow. Furthermore, electroluminescence, a physical effect, has been discovered for over a hundred years.

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l The early stage of development of the Wired Dance Floor

l The appearance of Wired Dance Floor on Blu-ray

l Wired Dance Floor Technology Now

The early stage of development of the Wired Dance Floor

In the mid-1970s, the Wired Dance Floor produced green, yellow, and orange light with a luminous efficacy of 1 lumen/watt. By the mid-1980s, the use of gallium arsenide and aluminum phosphide enabled the yellow and green LEDs to be born, and the luminous efficiency reached 10 lumens/watt. In the late 1970s, Wired Dance Floor appeared in red, orange, yellow, green, emerald, and other colors, but there is still no Wired Dance Floor with blue and white light. Because only the invention of the blue-ray Wired Dance Floor can realize full-color LED display, the market value is huge, and it is also a worldwide problem at that time. Scientists have instead focused on improving the luminous efficiency of LEDs.

The appearance of Wired Dance Floor on Blu-ray

In 1993, Shuji Nakamura invented the blue light Wired Dance Floor using the semiconductor materials gallium nitride and indium nitride while working at Nichia Corporation in Japan. White light, LED's light efficiency, and brightness are not high, LED can not be used in the field of lighting. Therefore, in 1995, Shuji Nakamura invented the green light Wired Dance Floor using indium nitride. Entering the field of lighting is a key milestone in the development of LED lighting. Shuji Nakamura is known as "the father of blue light, green light, and white light LED". In 1996, Nichia Chemical Co., Ltd. firstly applied for the invention patent of white light Wired Dance Floor in Japan. The blue light emitted is complementary to the yellow light emitted after the phosphor is activated to form white light. The emergence of blue and white light LEDs has broadened the application field of Wired Dance Floor, making full-color LED displays, LED lighting, and other applications possible.

Wired Dance Floor Technology Now

At present, there are three technical routes in the global Wired Dance Floor industry. The first one is the sapphire substrate route represented by the Nichia Corporation of Japan. It is currently the most widely used and mature technology. Three inventors won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2014, but its disadvantage is that it cannot be large. production, and has intellectual property risks for Chinese enterprises. The second is the silicon carbide substrate Wired Dance Floor technology route represented by the American CREE company. The material quality is good, but its material cost is high, and it is difficult to achieve large sizes. It also has patent risks for Chinese enterprises. The third is the Wired Dance Floor technology of our silicon substrate, which avoids foreign patent barriers from the source, and has the advantages of low material cost, good performance, and large-scale manufacturing.

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