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How to install Wired Dance Floor

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To put it simply, it is a product designed for the lighting of the night scene on the grounds of the stadium and parks, and the Wired Dance Floor can not be buried in the ground, but can also be mounted on the wall or the ceiling. This kind of floor tile light usually adopts LED Dance Floor, because the power is lower and more energy saving, so Wired Dance Floor is usually called LED floor tile light. The wired Dance Floor installation method is also relatively simple. Wired Dance Floor can be installed by connecting male and female wires. However, some installation issues need to be paid attention to.

Wired Dance Floor

Here is the content list:

l Preparing for Wired Dance Floor Installation

l Wired Dance Floor Installation Process

Preparing for Wired Dance Floor Installation

The first is to lay fine sand. We need to lay about 3CM thick fine sand in the position where the Wired Dance Floor is installed, and level it. This is to make the installation of the Wired Dance Floor more stable. Then fill the gap: Fill 80% of the gap of the Wired Dance Floor with fine sand, do not need to fill up, and put glass glue on the edge of the surface of the Wired Dance Floor to fix the Wired Dance Floor and prevent the infiltration of rainwater. Wait for the glass glue to dry before touching it. The surface of the Wired Dance Floor should be level with the ground to avoid pedestrians being tripped by the road. Other methods such as lime slurry can also be used to fill the gaps to prevent rainwater from infiltrating and standing upside down.

Wired Dance Floor Installation Process

Turn on the light after installation, carefully check whether the wiring is correct, and then turn on the light after confirming that it is correct. Then pre-embed the power cord, and lead the power cord to the position where the Wired Dance Floor is installed in advance, leaving a length of about 30CM. Use flexible wires, preferably colored ones, because it is easier to distinguish the functions of different wires. Next, connect the wires of the Wired Dance Floor to the incoming power cable according to the wiring diagram, remove the wire skin and connect it firmly to avoid the damage to the Wired Dance Floor caused by the fault caused by the poor contact of the connector, and wrap it with insulating tape. When installing the power supply, the controller, the knife leakage, and the switch should be installed in a distribution box, and placed in a dry, untouched place (it is better to put it indoors). When wiring, please refer to the installation wiring diagram in the manual. Please handle it with care during construction and installation, and do not hit the Wired Dance Floor with heavy hammers or hard objects, play, etc., to avoid damage to the Wired Dance Floor. Non-installers should not install at will to avoid unnecessary accidents. Special circumstances should be properly handled after asking the supplier for professional advice.

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