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Definition and Features of LED Dance Floor

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The current LED Dance Floor not only improves the basic performance but also adds new sensor interaction functions. The interactive LED Dance Floor is loaded with devices such as pressure sensors, capacitive sensors, or infrared sensors. When people move on the floor tile screen, the sensors can sense the person's position and feedback the trigger information to the main controller, and then the main controller logic after judgment, output the corresponding display effect.

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Definition of LED Dance Floor

What is an LED Dance Floor? LED Dance Floor is a full-color LED display specially designed for ground display. It has been specially designed in terms of load-bearing, protection performance, and heat dissipation performance, so that it can adapt to high-intensity trampling, long-term normal operation, and super waterproof ability. Also often referred to as ground screen, floor screen, etc. LED Dance Floor is a novel digital ground full-color LED display device. It adopts a video synchronization control method to achieve a high-resolution soft color display effect and completes the perfect combination of stage virtual landscaping and performance interaction. Lightweight, flexible, and easy to install and maintain. And it can add interactive sensing functions according to customization needs, and upgrade to an interactive LED Dance Floor.

Features of LED Dance Floor

LED Dance Floor is generally made into an interactive floor tile screen during production, and with dedicated video to achieve human-screen interaction, it is no longer a single display function but adds more game fun. It is the favorite of many bars and shopping malls. It is used to achieve an atmosphere rendering and attract more attention. At present, there are many ways to interact with the LED floor tile screen: radar, infrared, and gravity sensing interaction functions are applied to the LED Dance Floor. When the radar, gravity, and infrared sensors recognize the relevant reaction, the sensor feeds back the information to the controller, and then the controller calculates according to the calculation. The corresponding interactive display can be made. There are two commonly used interactive effects on the LED Dance Floor display, one is gravity sensing, the other is radar sense, loaded with pressure sensors, capacitive sensors or Infrared sensors, and other equipment, when a person moves on the floor tile screen, the sensor can sense the person's position and feedback the trigger information to the main control, and then the main control controller logically judges and outputs the corresponding display effect. For example, with the help of infrared sensors, it is possible to track the trajectory of people's movements and present real-time pictures following the movements of the human body. To achieve effects such as actors and audience walking, water ripples underfoot, and flowers blooming.

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